Are you feeling overwhelmed & confused by these training requirements & struggling to find a solution?

If so, don’t feel bad because you’re definitely not alone.  These training requirements are extensive, hard to understand and difficult to implement and manage. 

The fact is that most small to medium-sized companies lack the internal expertise, time and resources that that are needed to keep up.

Companies who fail to manage these training requirements put themselves at risk for huge fines, serious employee injuries, damaged company reputations, lost customers and sometimes civil and even criminal liabilities.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Not knowing if your training meets regulations

  • Not knowing which OSHA, EPA, state environmental, and DOT training requirements apply to our company

  • Not knowing which training must occur annually

  • Not having a qualified trainer on staff

  • Struggling to coordinate training schedules

  • Unable to to keep track of training records

  • Continuous employee turnover and making sure everyone's trained

  • Concerned that your employees might get injured or killed

  • Worrying about being inspected and fined

Hello, I'm Russell Carr

and I’m the founder and principal of Berg Compliance Solutions.

I understand your training struggles all too well because I used to own and operate three small, high risk contracting businesses with major environmental, health and safety training requirements.

Two of the businesses were energy services companies and the other a hazardous waste management business. Each company exposed my employees to very dangerous working conditions and the environment to potential harm.

Between the three companies, I had to manage OSHA, EPA, TCEQ, and DOT training requirements. It was overwhelming and I struggled for years trying to figure it out and make it work.

These experiences later inspired me to found Berg Compliance Solutions, which is dedicated to helping other small business owners and companies to manage EHS compliance, especially these complicated training requirements.

Hello, I'm Russell Carr

I created Customized EHS Compliance Training for Small Businesses to help small business owners achieve and manage compliance

We will guide you every step of the way...

  • Achieve & Manage All Of Your EHS Training Requirements In One Place: OSHA, EPA, State Environmental & DOT Training Requirements

  • Reduce Risk - Reduce your risk for employee injuries, huge regulatory fines & penalties, lost customers, lost money, and potential civil & criminal liabilities

  • Meet OSHA’s Training Standards: OSHA mandates that training must be customized to address your company specific hazards

  • Automatically Track, Certify & Document Employee Training

  • Train Any Time & Any Place - Training delivered via desktop, tablet or even from a smartphone

  • No more having to schedule and round up all of your employees for live training sessions. For many companies, this is nearly impossible to do

Our Training Programs Offer Customized EHS Compliance Training For Your Business

  • OSHA Health and Safety Compliance Bundle

    Our experts will assess your company-specific requirements and build a customized training plan to achieve and manage OSHA compliance.
    For most companies, that means 8-12 training topics.

  • Environmental & Hazardous Compliance Bundle

    Our experts will assess your company-specific requirements and build a customized training plan to achieve and manage EPA, State Environmental Agency & DOT compliance. The number of training topics will depend on your company’s specific operations.

Included With Any Of Our Training Programs Are These Free Resources!

  • OSHA Compliance 101 For Small Companies

    An OSHA compliance guide designed for small business.

  • The 5 Most Dangerous EHS Compliance Risks Facing Small Companies & How To Manage Them

    Up to 90% of small companies are out of compliance and are at risk for major liabilities that most companies aren’t aware of. Read our free report before it’s too late.

  • How Build Your Safety Program From Scratch

    A small business guide for building a workplace safety program from scratch.

Don’t Enroll In Our Training Programs If Your Company Isn't...

  • Committed to achieving and managing EHS compliance

  • Committed to the safety and well-being of your employees

  • Committed to protecting your local community and environment from harm

  • Committed to gathering and providing your company-specific information needed to customize your training program

Failure To Manage EHS Training Puts Your Company At Risk For Major Liabilities Including:

  • Serious employee injuries and even fatalities

  • Regulatory fines that can run into the $10's or $100’s of thousands of dollars

  • Lost customers

  • Lost money

  • Damage to your company’s reputation

  • Potential civil & even criminal liabilities

  • Lost opportunities

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  • Option One

    Try to develop your EHS training program in-house

    This is a risky and ineffective option for many reasons. The fact is that most companies simply lack the internal expertise, time and resources that are needed to develop a compliant EHS training program.

    Here’s how this process normally works: an unqualified staff member gets tapped with the task (in addition to all of their other responsibilities), they spend endless hours on-line trying to learn the regulations, all of the time not knowing what’s good vs bad information, and no good way to track what they’ve learned. After a few weeks or months, they realize it was a big waste of time and effort.

  • Option Two

    Hire a local trainer or purchase a generic online course.

    These options are bound to fail for many reasons: both provide “generic” training content which fails to meet OSHA’s company-specific requirements, neither will determine which specific training topics apply to your company, neither will automate the tracking or documentation of your training, coordinating training schedules for all employees,

  • Option Three

    Purchase our program to build and manage your customized EHS training program to achieve compliance and reduce risk

    Purchase our program to build and manage your customized EHS training program to achieve compliance and reduce risk.

    Our team of experts will help you build a customized and compliant EHS training program from scratch using our proven and proprietary system.

    We’ll determine which topics apply to your business, develop customized content, ensure comprehension by testing and answering questions, automate the delivery, tracking and documentation of all training.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can OSHA fine our company for training violations?

    Absolutely. OSHA routinely fines companies for failing to properly train their employees. Many training violations are considered “Serious” violations which carry a maximum $13,286 fine.

  • Do generic training courses (ie: videos, CD-Rom, etc.) meet OSHA’s requirements?

    No! According to OSHA, health and safety training must meet several key criteria in order to meet their standards. Generic training courses cannot meet OSHA’s comprehension, site/company specific health and safety hazards requirements, and might not meet their certification requirements. Click on the RESOURCES tab at the top of the page to learn more.

  • How do we determine which environmental, health and safety topics must be trained at our company?

    Each company must assess their operations to determine which EHS training topics apply. Every company will have a very unique set of training requirements. This includes OSHA, EPA, state environmental requirements and DOT.

  • What qualifications are required to be a trainer?

    Qualifications vary depending on the topic, but in general, the trainer needs to be “competent, which means they need to have extensive industry experience, know the regulations inside and out, how to train and communicate them, and are able to answer any questions from students.

  • Do all of our employees need to be trained on all topics?

    Not necessarily. Training requirements will typically depend on the employees’ role at the company and the hazards they are exposed to. For example, an employee working on the manufacturing floor will be exposed to many environmental, health and safety hazards and issues, and must therefore be trained on how to manage each of those issues in order to protect themselves and the environment, while an administrative employee working only in the office wouldn’t have the same exposures or training requirements. Often times, training requirements are determined by job task and/or department. The company must assess these training requirements and create a “training matrix” to determine who needs to be trained on which topics.

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